LED stadium light LED street light LED flood light manufacturer in China

LED stadium light LED street light LED flood light manufacturer in China
LED stadium light LED street light LED flood light manufacturer in China
Benefits of LED lighting on football field

Many football clubs have to deal with declining financial resources due to declining sponsorship and contribution income. In addition, many football clubs have to contend with rising operating costs due to the aging of the facility, increased energy rates and outdated lighting.


It is therefore extremely interesting for a sports association to investigate how much savings can be made by switching to LED lighting. In this article we compare conventional lighting with LED lighting, so that you are prepared before you have your current lighting replaced.


Replacing football field lighting: LED or conventional?

How much can you save? In order to map out whether sustainability makes sense for your football club, it is first of all important that you have insight into your annual costs in the field of gas, water and electricity. Insight into these matters helps to think and act sustainably.


Benefits of good lighting solution at the football field lighting.

There are several reasons to choose LED sports field lighting. One of the best-known advantages is energy savings, but there is much more behind LED lighting. We list a number of advantages.


Energy saving

Many sports clubs have to deal with high energy costs. Logically, LED lighting solution is very attractive here. The payback period of LED lighting is determined on the basis of energy savings, lifespan and purchase costs. On average, sports associations save at least between 30% and 40% by switching to LED.


Less maintenance

The inside of conventional lighting gets dirty quickly, partly due to the large amount of heat that these light sources repel. On average, conventional sports lighting fixtures need to be cleaned every 2.5 years. In that case, the light sources often also need to be replaced, but with LED this is different (see point 3).


The maintenance and replacement of conventional lamps takes a lot of time. That entails costs. LED lighting fixtures require virtually no maintenance after installation. The housings are often dust-proof and the LEDs hardly emit any heat.


Longer life span

How long does an LED sports field lighting fixture last? This partly depends on the fixture, LED chip and driver. Cheap is often expensive, also in the case of sports field lighting. It would be a shame if you invest in LED lighting and the lighting fails too soon, so that the payback period is not achieved. Therefore, in addition to the specified service life, also pay attention to the LB standard of the lighting fixtures.


On average, LED lights for sports field lighting last at least 50,000 burning hours. Most fixtures have a temperature resistance of +60 to -40, so that the weather does not adversely affect the life of the lamps.


Higher lighting quality

You do not want nuisance caused by too little light or an irregular light intensity. In addition, the light color is also important. A higher light color (for example around 5000K) seems to be better for delivering sports performance. In addition, good uniformity is important, preferably around 0.6 on average. Bispark has the design team,  can use Dialux to provide insight into the uniformity and the correct amount of lux in the field. Do you have any needs about lighting solution for LED sports field lighting? We like to help you!


Subsidy options

Another advantage of LED lighting for your football club is the possibility of subsidy in many coutries. This further reduces the purchase costs and thus shortens the payback period.


Use immediately

LED lighting switches on immediately and can burn at full power. So no warm-up time and no peaks in power consumption. You can immediately use the full light intensity.


There is also no cool-down period. So if someone accidentally switches off the lighting, you can effortlessly switch it back on again, which is not the case with conventional lighting.



Effortlessly switch from training lighting to competition lighting? This is possible with LED sports field lighting for your football field. You can logically save even more on your energy costs by using dimming functions.


Conventional football field lighting or LED football field lighting?

With an eye to the future, it is wise to switch to sustainable LED lighting now. In many cases you will then benefit from it because you take sustainable measures. In addition, the light quality is better, the lighting lasts longer and you save on maintenance and energy costs.


Replacing the lighting with LED

If you decide to work with us to switch to sustainable LED lighting for your football club, tennis court, basketball field, baseball field, etc, welcome to contatc us for Dialux simulation, quotation.