LED stadium light LED street light LED flood light manufacturer in China

LED stadium light LED street light LED flood light manufacturer in China

GAEA LED High Mast Light -C

Item No.: GAEA-C
Competitive modular LED high mast lights 150lm/w, IP65 waterproof, IK10, Phillips 5050 chip, MEANWELL driver

GAEA-C series LED High Mast Lights, with Phillips 5050 chip, MEANWELL driver,  very competitive prices

Product Features & Benefits:

• 150LM/W, available in 150W/300W/450W/600W/750W and 900W-2000W can be customized

• Module design, easy to mounting on the pole, wall or ceiling.

• Multiple optics 30/60/90degree available

• Heat sink with Aluminum fins has good heat dissipation performance and light weight, 50% lighter than the weight of the die-cast high mast. 

 • Application:Sports Venues, Airports, Large Construction Sites, Exhibition Halls, Golf courses, Stadium Lighting, Ports, Highways, transportation terminals, airports, high speed interchanges, prisons, ports, rail yards and freight terminals, other large, outdoor maintenance or storage yards and specialty roadway applications, etc.

Model NO. Power  Chip Brand  Iuminous Flux
Lamp Size(MM) G.W(KG)
packing Size(CM)
GAEA-HM150-C 150W Lumileds SMD5050 150lm/w 30˚/60˚/90˚ L:210*W:315*H65 2.5KG 32.5x32.5x12.5
GAEA-HM300-C 300W Lumileds SMD5050 150lm/w 30˚/60˚/90˚ L:315*W:350*H73 4.5KG 35.5x32.5x12.5
GAEA-HM450-C 450W Lumileds SMD5050 150lm/w 30˚/60˚/90˚ L:450*W:350*H73 6.0KG 45.5x35.5x12.5
GAEA-HM600-C 600W Lumileds SMD5050 150lm/w 30˚/60˚/90˚ L:580*W:350*H73 8.0KG 59x35.5x12.5
GAEA-HM750-C 750W Lumileds SMD5050 150lm/w 30˚/60˚/90˚ L:710*W:350*H73 10.0KG 72x35.5x12.5