LED stadium light LED street light LED flood light manufacturer in China

LED stadium light LED street light LED flood light manufacturer in China

NOAH Linear High Bay Light-B

Item No.: NOAH Linear High Bay Light-B
NOAH Linear High Bay from 50w to 500w, widely used in car park, warehouse, workshop, sports hall, supermarket,etc

Product Features for NOAH Linear High Bay Lights:

1. Wattage from 50w to 500w, housings used 6060-T5#Aluminum, good heat dissipation 

2.The surface used anode-oxidized technology, made the protection performance more excellent
3.IP66 protection level
4.MEAN WELL power supply(LED driver)

5. 30°/60°/90°/80*155° Beam Angle Optional lens are used to meet the function and effect as linear high bay light/ warehouse light/ flood light,etc.

NOAH Linear High Bay Light Speicification

Model NO. Power  Input
Chip Brand  Iuminous Flux
L*W*H (MM) N.W(KG)
packing Size(MM)
NOAH-LHB50-B 50W AC85-305V Philips 6500lm 30°/60°/90°/80*155° 353*115*130 2.5KG 3.7KG 430*150*170
NOAH-LHB100-B 100W AC85-305V Philips 13000lm 30°/60°/90°/80*155° 580*115*130 3.7KG 4.7KG 650*150*170
NOAH-LHB150-B 150W AC85-305V Philips 19500lm 30°/60°/90°/80*155° 850*115*130 4.7KG 5.7KG 920*150*170
NOAH-LHB200-B 200W AC85-305V Philips 26000lm 30°/60°/90°/80*155° 1120*115*130 5.7KG 6.8KG 1190*150*170
NOAH-LHB250-B 250W AC85-305V Philips 32500lm 30°/60°/90°/80*155° 1380*115*130 6.5KG 7.7KG 1450*150*170
NOAH-LHB300-B 300W AC85-305V Philips 39000lm 30°/60°/90°/80*155° 580*350*170 9.7KG 10.9KG 650*390*210
NOAH-LHB400-B 400W AC85-305V Philips 52000lm 30°/60°/90°/80*155° 1120*230*170 11.4KG 12.7KG 1190*270*210
NOAH-LHB500-B 500W AC85-305V Philips 65000lm 30°/60°/90°/80*155° 1380*230*170 13.5KG 14.9KG 1450*270*210

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