LED stadium light LED street light LED flood light manufacturer in China

LED stadium light LED street light LED flood light manufacturer in China
LED stadium light LED street light LED flood light manufacturer in China
LED lighting products with sensor

Lighting must always be controlled, for example through switches or light management systems. LED sensors or detectors are also a form of light control that can be coupled individually or as a (Dali) light management system.

Some sensors have cameras, others respond to the level, motion or combination of light.

Why detection sensors?

Installing a simple detector or sensor and connecting it to your LED lighting is a small move. It offers a degree of security and is an attractive way to save money, especially in commercial space, offices, school buildings and apartment buildings. In this way, you can ensure that storage areas, warehouses, halls or stairwells are lit only when there is light, which can be a huge saving.

How do LED light sensors work?

The light sensor or twilight sensor switches on and off depending on the level of light. The amount of light is measured by optical sensors, such as photodiodes. You can indicate how bright the light should be on or off. There are also LED lights with built-in twilight switches that can be installed on existing lamps.

How do LED motion sensors work?

A motion sensor, also known as a presence sensor, turns on the light when it detects someone. If nothing happened for a while, the lights would go off again. You can set this delay, either manually or through your lighting control system. Motion sensors vary widely in size and quality.

Passive infrared: Reacts to moving heat sources.

HF: Seen through thin walls.

Ultrasound: Fill the space and register around the object.

Camera sensor: detects people and can determine numbers.

Therefore, consider your wishes carefully in terms of detection distance, the room in which the sensor is used, sensitivity, lighting intensity, connection options, etc. You should also consider:

Installation method; would you like a concave or surface mounted variant or ceiling mounted?

Room ceiling height and detection range

Sensor consumption on standby

Would you like to use LED sensors in outdoor lighting? Then you have to take into account strict external factors, such as the weather. Then you need an IP65 waterproof sensor. If you need professional advice, you can always contact our LED experts.