LED stadium light LED street light LED flood light manufacturer in China

LED stadium light LED street light LED flood light manufacturer in China

EOS LED Street Light-C

Item No.: EOS-C
High efficiency EOS-C LED Street Lights up to 180lm/w, with optional features such as leveraging the daylight with NEMA photocell. An ideal option for urban road lighting, industrial park, parking lot lighting, street lighting, etc

EOS-C Led Street Lights, Outdoor traffic roundabout Security lighting

-  40w 50w 60W 80W 100W 120W 150W  200W 240W 300W 320W optional and wide choice of optics and installation
-  up to 180lm/w High Efficiency, IP67, 7-10 Years warranty,
-  Integrated 10KV surge protection, Integrated Power Off Switch, bubble level with easier installation
- super smooth surface, snap type design, free-tool maintenance, labor cost saving.
-  Intelligent deisgn with LoRawan, Zigbee, Zhaga,photocell, motion sensor,etc
EOS-C Street Lights features
Model NO. Power  Luminous Flux
Lamp Size (mm) G.W.(KG) Package Size(MM)/PC
EOS-SL50 30W-50W 180lm/w T2M,T3M,T4M,60°/ 90°/120°° 568*200*109mm 5.7KG 623*255*150mm
EOS-SL75 75W 180lm/w 613*240*109mm 6.KG 666*295*150mm
EOS-SL100 100W 180lm/w 613*240*109mm 6.3KG 666*295*150mm
EOS-SL120 120W 180lm/w 613*240*109mm 6.3KG 666*295*150mm
EOS-SL150 150W 180lm/w 683*260*109mm 7.5KG 736*315*150mm
EOS-SL180 180W 180lm/w 683*260*109mm 7.8KG 736*315*150mm
EOS-SL200 200W 180lm/w 693*300*109mm 8.2KG 747*355*150mm
EOS-SL240 240W 180lm/w 693*300*109mm 8.5KG 747*355*150mm
EOS-SL300 300W/320W 180lm/w 793*300*109mm 9.8KG 846*355*150mm
EOS-C Street LED Lights Sizes
Applications for the street lights EOS-C
Minor roads, footpaths, cyclepaths, 
residential areas,rural areas and parks etc.
Street lights EOS-C under mass production

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